July 9


Quick Update

First off, if you’re not watching Dynamics Fortnight Fridays, you’re missing out. It’s a bi-weekly (fortnightly, and no, not that Fortnite) streaming video about what’s new and interesting with Dynamics. It covers notable news, important blog posts, and has some live discussion about Customer Engagement, Finance, Operations, and the tools related to business applications. No, I’m not being asked to promote this…but I definitely want to (it’s great!).

Podcasting Updates

On Implement This, we discussed Rollup Fields. They’re useful in a good handful of situations and we chat about some of the more common ones, as well as some that are a little more off the beaten path.
We also covered Queues, Queue Management, and Routing Rules in Dynamics 365. They’re part of the standard service capabilities but many folks I’ve chatted with recently weren’t very familiar with them. I also worked with a prospect who was looking to custom-build what the Dynamics platform already handles out of the box.
On ProdCast, Joel and I revisit the topic of effective email with Improve Your Email Response Rate. This time I wanted to make sure we cover how to guard against non-responsive email recipients. It’s all about creating a Default Action…and building it into your email.
ProdCast also gets influenced by my personal life this month. My wife and I recently had a son, so I’m taking off an extended time from work for Parental Bonding. As part of this, I’m exploring productivity at home. We also chat about Google Maps Timeline, which I find to be fun and sometimes pathetic to look back at.

Business Applications Community

Microsoft Inspire is this month (f.k.a. Worldwide Partner Conference), and I’ll be in Vegas for some Microsoft-y training and I’ll also have the opportunity to attend Inspire events as well. Drop me a line if you’re going–I’d love to catch up!
I confirmed that I’ll be putting my presenter hat on to discuss Queues, Queue Management, and Routing Rules as part of the Virtual Service Summer Camp. If you want a sneak preview, check out the Podcast episode that Britta and I just released.

Microsoft Power Platform FTW

Before our son was born, my wife, Jess, had been frustrated with the pregnancy app options on her phone, specifically when it comes to tracking contractions. The biggest hassle for her was the lack of simple notification–everything drives you into the app. I leveraged the “Power Platform” through the tools of Flow, Model Driven PowerApps, and a physical Flic button to build a solution that worked great for her. It was literally what she used to determine when to say “I think it’s time”. If I can find the time I’ll pull together a blog post, video, or make it a podcast topic.


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