November 16



It is with great excitement that I set another post to go live on Connecting The Data after nearly two years of posting to my company’s blog. I’ve missed some of the freedom that comes with posting here (variable post length, topic variety, sharing more opinion, format variety to include video & audio, etc.) .

I’m very proud of the recognition and reach I’ve achieved with my blog posts on the Hitachi Solutions blog. It has been a great opportunity to work with that larger audience and do my part to help showcase some of the talent and leadership we have in our organization. We went from having only a handful of authors who each needed to post 1-3 blogs per month, to a stable of over 25 bloggers. This is great growth for Hitachi, but it’s meant that my ability to share my thoughts on interesting topics needed a fresh outlet. I knew there was a reason why I just couldn’t let go of Connecting The Data 🙂

The timing is appropriate as well. The advances by Microsoft in their entire Office 365 suite and the pivot to leverage an open data service for their Dynamics business applications, expansion into machine learning and predictive analytics, visualizations with Power BI, and the improved capability for true productivity applications are just some of the developments that speak to the meaning of this blog’s namesake. MS has really adopted the notion of “connecting the data”.

I’m also excited to expand even further some of the content. I’ve found that my most-read posts involve me sharing creative problem solving using tools and technologies that are approachable to an “average” person without a computer science degree. This means some more fun examples that go beyond using just the core office suite (Scrivener, Audacity, and just to name a few). I’m also going to broaden my horizons and use real world examples that go beyond a business scenario, diving into how I use these technologies as part of getting stuff done outside of the office as well.

I’m looking forward to connecting once again! 🙂


Hitachi Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics

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