Excessive IE Add-ons PSA

I’ve seen an uptick in the number of Internet Explorer 7&8 Add-on related support issues for Dynamics CRM. ┬áNot sure what’s causing the spike, but I’m getting the word out so you can take some preventative measures. ­čÖé ┬áIssues can surface in many ways, including:

  • Record windows not opening at all
  • Record windows opening but only partially loading
  • Wonky behavior when trying to change text in fields
  • Goofy pop-ups and error messages when saving a record
  • Unexpected impacts on the user experience (script oddities)
  • General slow responsiveness of the application

If your web browser looks like this….

Internet Explorer window with countless toolbars

Eep! [image via reddit]

…you will want to start removing (or at least disabling) these.

Microsoft has a detailed FAQ that covers details on how to deal with these, and how they may have gotten there in the first place.

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