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Using Solutions in Common Data Service

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About this course

Solutions in the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 drive consistency and efficiency in my configurations and have literally put hours back in my week. Every time I reuse one it's like paying myself a dividend on a little bit of extra up-front effort and planning. It's not hard, but it's a skill that needs to be learned.


I want others to find the benefits of Solutions, too, but I haven't found a good resource to point people towards as a way to go from "I think I've heard of solutions, what are those again?" to "I get it--why haven't I done this since the beginning?"


In this course, you will learn the core building blocks that will help you:


  • Increase your own productivity when configuring 
  • Improve your ability to collaborate when building
  • Share, reuse, and improve your work with more standardized configurations


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Course Structure

2 Chapters

The basics of Solutions

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Introduction to Solutions 2 Lessons

Why do Solutions matter?

First things first: why would we use a Solution?

What kinds of Solutions are there?

Identify the different components in Common Data Service that have "Solution" in the title.

Creating your first Solution 1 Lesson

What is a Publisher and why should I create one?

Explore what it means to define the Publisher of a solution and understand the ways it impacts the components you build.

Playing well with others 1 Lesson

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