Power Platform

What is a Publisher and why should I create one?

Lesson 3 Chapter 2 Module 1

Every solution is associated with a Publisher, which gives a way to identify the configurations that were built and packaged with the solution.


Create your own Publisher

In this exercise you will create a Publisher that you will use in future lessons.

  1. In the Power Apps maker portal, select Settings (gear), and then select Advanced settings.
  2. Select Settings > Customizations > Publishers.
  3. In the Publisher Main View command bar, select New.
  4. Enter the required information:
  • Display Name. Enter the display name for the publisher.
  • Name. Enter the unique name for the publisher.
  • Prefix. Enter the publisher prefix that is 2-4 characters long
  • Option Value Prefix. This field generates a number based on the publisher prefix. You can optionally adjust this yourself.
  1. Select Save and Close.

Link: Solution Publisher Overview (docs.microsoft.com)