July 9


Announcing Hero Guard solution for Dynamics 365

Recently a teammate pinged me urgently to help out with a tough situation. He was about to deliver a presentation that included a carefully configured demo record (and related data) in Dynamics 365. There were several cooks in the kitchen helping test the environment to make sure everything looked good…then something happened.

Often, when configuring in a demo environment, we don’t use ALM practices, soft deletes, or security role authorization. It’s not real data and we can easily tailor the data to align to a specific scenario. Normally this is great, but it’s not great when someone accidentally deletes this carefully constructed “Hero” record, along with the related data.

Person holding sad face picture in front of their face

Since my coworker was about 30 minutes away from presenting there wasn’t enough time to restore from a backup. Our best course of action was to rebuilt based on screenshots he had as a fallback…stressful! We got a good-enough record built out in time (but it wasn’t nearly as robust…we had actual activity built up over multiple weeks to tell the story). A somewhat happy ending.

Now there’s a solution

In our debrief, I mentioned a design for a solution. A simple set of configurations to guard against this kind of thing happening for key records in the environment. Over the years I’ve talked with several folks about this concept when swapping stories in similar situations. This one was the last straw.

So I configured the solution: Hero Guard

  • Installs into any Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement environment
  • Very lightweight design (clean bill of health from the Power Platform Solution Checker)
  • Includes no custom code (just configuration)

After installing, it takes only a few seconds to add Guard for the Hero record they’re going to protect.

Guard record (Hero record is the Contact "Lucas Davenport")

You can review, download, or contribute on GitHub

I’m not interested in monetizing this solution. This is for the good of the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform community. Your demo/training/test data should be guarded! As the community continues to embrace Makers (a.k.a. citizen developers), now is an ideal time to release it into the wild. Find it at https://github.com/mathyousee/Hero-Guard

The project is open-source on GitHub, with both the managed and unmanaged solutions available. Version 1 works with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement environments. The next step is to release a Power Platform version which doesn’t require any sales/service entities.

If you have other ideas for the solution or want to give feedback, please do so through the project on GitHub.


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