Recent News in Dynamics CRM – October 2012

Lots of MS CRM news the last couple of weeks of this month.  Some that are of note:

MS Acquired MarketingPilot, 

Demand for Marketing Automation has been coming on strong in the CRM market, and MS is embracing this with an acquisition that should increase the pace of enhancements to the MS CRM product.  That said, the post on the MarketingPilot website basically says it’ll be business as usual for now.  Probably going to be waiting until Spring 2013 for changes to hit CRM, but the cadence should pick up from there.

ExactTarget acquired Pardot and iGoDigital

Also highlighting the increased attention on Marketing Automation, long-time MS CRM player ExactTarget made some acquisitions as well.  I’ve worked with ExactTarget and (more recently) Pardot (It’ll be cool to see the melding of these technologies), but have not had the chance with iGoDigital.—85540.aspx

Hitachi Solutions Selects Inside View

So full disclosure on this one…I work for Hitachi Solutions.  That said, I’m pumped up about the formal partnership with Inside View.  Integrating their product into MS CRM as tool that’s easily at the disposal of a salesperson saves them time.  I planned to do a deeper dive into the Inside View product on this blog…just wish I’d gotten to that a little sooner so I could link to it 🙂  I’ll make sure it happens though.

UR11 released

Microsoft released CRM Update Rollup 11 on October 10.  This comes on the heels of a (not very publicized) re-release of UR10 on October 4.  This update sets the stage for users who will be accessing CRM using Windows 8 and touch devices.

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