Outlook Ribbon Missing After CRM Plug-In Installation

I installed the CRM Outlook client on my latest laptop in preparation for a demo, and I ran into a variation on an issue some folks see after installation.

It’s amazing how much I’ve come to rely on the ribbon…and Outlook just seems sad without it.

There’s an official Microsoft KB article explaining a registry update that should take care of the issue.  The only trouble for me is that I didn’t have the “2.4” folder they specify in the KB.

The essence of the KB is that the ribbon may not show up if there are multiple folders in this particular registry path.  I saw 2.5 (which ties to office 14, AKA 2010) and 2.7 (which ties to office 15, AKA office 2013…which I don’t have installed).  So….I deleted the 2.7 folder and restarted Outlook.  That did the trick!  The KB will probably need to be updated as I doubt I’ll be the last person to run into the issue.

Worked for me but I make no guarantees when it comes to registry edits.  As always, be careful with modifications to the registry (you can cause more damage than good if you’re not).

Matthew C. Anderson

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