Dynamics CRM Online: iPad Support

After years of anticipation, the first official browser support for Safari on the iPad has come to CRM Online customers. This is a huge step forward for Dynamics mobile support, and more importantly an important milestone in keeping relevancy with the changing needs of the workforce.
CRM On the iPad!
Recent updates to the CRM Online technology are  a key  enabler with the December service update from MS, which brought customers the “New Style” forms. Specifically, the New Style forms drive activity without relying on pop-up windows. This is a must on a mobile device, as there’s not an alt-tab to rely on or consistent ability to show two windows side-by-side: It all has to be on a single page.

The downside to this, of course, is that it requires an administrator to opt-in to the new user experience and means only a selection of the entities currently leverage the New Style form. This is going to begin a game of tug-of-war for some organizations, as there are more considerations beyond iPad support that come along with opting-in to the new forms. A big example here is in-form Scripting support (JScript) which is not supported in the New Style forms. (yet?)

Much more detail can be found at the CRM Team Blog, where they recently posted details regarding iPad support.

On-prem folks still have some waiting to do, with this initial release set for the Orion release later in 2013. Still, this is a great step forward and a slick looking alternative to buying a separate app to view CRM.

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