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Thanks for stopping by. As of January 2015, Matthew’s CRM-related blogging efforts have been refocused into the Hitachi Solutions blog. Excel-related blogging has been moved to his personal blog. The content on Connecting the Data will remain available in an archive state.

CRM 2015 – Quick Public Service Announcement For Administrators

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Microsoft has released CRM 2015! In related news I thought I was losing my mind while I was setting up a test organization. I couldn’t find the User administration section. It’s been under Settings->Administration for quite a few releases now, but with 2015 it’s no longer there. Instead, take a look at the Settings->Security section where you will […]

Spring 14 Update is here

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Microsoft has released the Dynamics CRM Spring 14 update (AKA Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1) and my team has been playing stump-the-chump with each other on all of the new features. PS, there’s a lot of them. In a previous blog I covered the Microsoft increased focus on the CMO. Dynamics Marketing and Social Listening both […]

Microsoft Announces: Dynamics CRM Spring 14 update is coming

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Just a couple of days ago, while many Dynamics CRM customers getting ready for Microsoft Convergence in Atlanta, Microsoft dropped a press release as well as a Bob Stutz blog post about some forthcoming functionality in the Dynamics CRM Spring release. Microsoft is making good on their more frequent release cadence for Dynamics CRM 2013. Highlights include: Increased […]

Microsoft’s Acquisition of Parature Announced

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Microsoft has announced as of January 30, 2014 that is has reached an agreement to acquire Parature to help strengthen the customer service and service portal capabilities in the Dynamics product family. At the beginning of 2013, Microsoft and Parature announced an alliance to deliver solutions. While there hasn’t been a lot of chirping around that relationship, the offering must have had […]