Announcing ProdCast – the Personal Productivity Podcast

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I’ve teamed up with my co-worker and friend Joel Lindstrom to create a bi-weekly podcast on personal productivity, called ProdCast (Productivity Cast). The topics we’re planning to cover are very much in line with the topics of many blog posts here at Connecting the Data–the apps, systems, and strategies that help with personal productivity and time management. […]

Some Things I’ve Learned After Writing Over 4,000 Daily Journal Entries

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Do you ever have those moments when you realize just how quickly the days seem to pass? Days turn into months and years faster than I can believe, but fortunately I have some ways I manage this. In fact, earlier this week I crossed a major personal milestone: On January 2nd I logged my final […]

My “Everyday Carry” – Solutions Architect Toolkit 2016 Edition

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I’ve been intrigued by the concept of “everyday carry” for years now. If you’re not familiar, you may know it as simply “what’s in your bag“, but the idea is to get people to share a photo and a description of the contents of the bag/briefcase/fanny pack/backpack that you regularly bring with you to work/school/wherever. Today, I’m posting […]

Identify Duplicate Column Names in Dynamics 365 Using Excel

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Here’s a little how-to video that helps how to use Excel to solve the otherwise monotonous process of identifying duplicate column headers in Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM (or in any table on a web page). This addresses the underlying issue of the Failed to Generate Excel error message that shows up when clicking Export to Excel. Background: Failed […]

It’s a poor craftsman that blames his tools – I both love and hate this phrase…

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…and I use it all the time for that exact reason. I’ve been involved with many projects both in my personal and professional life where I have a responsibility to make things work. Whether I’m building a system to collect forecasting data for business planning or making a podcast with my friends, there are a collection of different tools and […]